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Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop

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Unf*ck Yourself

  • Get out of Your Head and into Your Life
  • By: Gary John Bishop
  • Narrated by: Angus King
  • Length: 2 hrs and 56 mins
  • Categories: Health & Wellness, Psychology & Mental Health


Publisher’s Summary

Unf*ck Yourself is the handbook for the resigned and defeated, a manifesto for real-life change and unleashing your true potential.

Have you ever felt like a hamster on a wheel, furiously churning your way through life but somehow going nowhere? Like the happiness you seek, the relationship you crave or the career you’ve always wanted are constantly out of reach? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you are a victim of your own self-doubt. And now is the time for you to unf–k yourself.

This is not the usual self-help book. This is blunt-force trauma to the way you think life has to be for you. Most importantly, it is designed to give you an authentic leg up – one that feels genuine and right for you and can propel you to new levels of greatness. It will teach you not to look to the outside world for answers but inside yourself. You will learn how to take full responsibility for your life, the highs and the lows, and you’ll actually feel good about it – no, in fact, you’ll feel f–king great about it!

©2016 Gary John Bishop (P)2017 Hodder & Stoughton Limited

Customers reviews

2 Reviews Write a review
  1. Anonymous User

    Absolutely amazing, cannot recommend enough.

    wonderful book. for anyone looking to change their life this book will get you there. there’s no airy fairy bullsh*t with this book. at points it feels like your being punched in the gut with how direct and unapologetic he is in his writing, but he’s right.

    25 people found this helpful

  2. Amazon Customer

    The kick in the but you need if you’re stuck

    if you’re needing a kick in the pants to get you unstuck buy this book. It’s concise, straight to the point, no BS & motivational. honestly, It’s probably content you’ve heard before from numerous motivational speakers but a good reminder & well constructed. Audio in the Scottish accent work very well too. much thanks

    16 people found this helpful

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